Recap from the last 2 sessions

Recap for session 6/16/19:

May 15th – 00:01:

Having defeated the ambush in the tunnel, the party decides it’s time to finish the fight with the Witch. So they storm the castle to find the main entrance guarded by the single Kokuri they found in the tunnel, who had escaped and warned of their approach. He invites them in and offered refreshments, but when K’pah, are found guarding the Witch’s Hall, he was brutally murdered (depending on who you ask.)

The Witch has chosen a new champion, and a battle ensues. The party gets the Witch on the run again, so Victadome and Odric pursue. Victadome is met with a flaming hands to the face, and is felled. Odric charges in over his fallen comrade and sacrifices himself by tanking all of the Witch’s frosty shield.

(and then Dante had to go)